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Custom logistics

Willems Logistics is the logistics partner that makes sure your business can always continue. We are specialists in providing customized logistics and appropriate solutions in transportation, warehousing or distribution. In doing so, we always consider the interest and process of our clients. Our logistics services are always customized. Each logistics challenge is different and requires an unique approach and method. Thanks to our own software system, we know how to gain insight into the logistics process in every situation. Based on this data, together we can look for improvements and changes.

Total package of logistics services, including custom logistics

Willems Logistics offers its customers a full range of logistics services. We can even take over the entire logistics process from production to the desired delivery point for our customers. In doing so, we offer our customers the ability to track every step of the process by using our digital customer portal. This is linked to our own warehouse management system, so you have insight into the status of your valuable products at any time. With this you retain control of the proces without any of the hassle. Thanks to our knowledge and experience, we guarantee the perfect logistics service.

Customized logistics means working smarter

In recent years, the transportation industry has taken a giant leap forward both quantitatively and qualitatively. Within our company the innovations, especially in the field of automation, have led to even more possibilities in the field of road transport. This smart software allows us to move faster and respond even better to your logistics requirements and needs. After all, your process must always be able to continue. Should unexpected situations arise, as they always do in practice, we are there to adjust the transport in a matter of time. This logistical flexibility makes us an attractive partner for all your transportation and logistics challenges.

Safe and sustainable logistics customization

Willems Logistics is committed to safety and sustainability. Not only do we think about better, more sustainable logistics processes, but we also strive to minimize waste or other errors. We strive to streamline the logistics process as much as possible. By hardly making any mistakes, we not only avoid waste during transport and storage, but also ensure that the process at our clients’ premises is not disrupted. In this way, we work 24/7 to build lasting relationships with our customers. That’s the reason that leading players in the market choose our custom logistics. If you want to learn more about our clients and their processes, check out the cases on our website.

Logistics customization hubs in strategic locations

From our location in Waalwijk, we serve customers throughout the country. This strategic location remains important to Willems Logistics. By working smarter, we are increasingly getting an handle on our customers’ complicated processes. In Rijkevoort we manage and control the distribution of daily fresh produce. We also have warehouses in Veghel and Borculo. Our unique combination of automation and the right staff ensures excellent performance. The recent expansion in Haps allows us to scale up and work even smarter. By joining forces between our logistics hubs, we keep getting better and more efficient.

Method of logistics customization


Your business on track

Willems Logistics is the logistics partner you can confidently entrust your logistics process to and even completely outsource it to. Your specific needs and process always come first with us. Willems Logistics ensures that its customers have insight into their valuable products at any time in the logistics process, on their way to the end customer. Curious about our unique story and approach, please contact us.

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