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Controlling the logistics process

Willems Logistics manages and controls its customers’ logistics processes. Willems Logistics helps its customers optimize these complex processes. If necessary, we can take over entire processes and associated concerns. Based on mutual agreements, responsibilities and performance with a fair price. Willems Logistics adds value in the whole logistics process. We are known among our customers as a reliable and flexible partner in logistics. No nonsense, doing what we promise. So that your business can always continue. 

Willems Logistics ensures that your business can always continue. By organizing our customers’ logistics process smarter and more efficiently, we provide peace of mind and clarity. We do this following a distinctive approach. We can combine our various logistics services as needed and fully tailor them to each specific customer request. We see logistical problems as challenges. Moreover, we have several strategically located distribution sites, allowing us to act quickly and flexibly. With that, we offer a combination of services: warehousing, transportation, distribution and other customized logistics.


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Your business should always be able to go on. Your business is and will stay on track no matter what. Your business on track. 

Your business on track

Willems Logistics is the logistics partner you can confidently entrust your logistics process and even completely outsource it to. Your specific needs and process are our highest priority. Willems Logistics ensures that its customers have insight into their valuable products at any time in the logistics process, on their way to the end customer. Curious about our unique story and approach, please contact us.


Willems Logistics’ roots are in the world of transport and logistics. In the 1930s, the transport company was founded by Toon Willems.

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