Managing and controlling the process

Delivery as per agreement

At Willems Logistics, we realize like no other how important it is that your products reach your customers in the right way, at the right time. You must be able to trust that a logistics partner will do what it promises. After all, your business must always be able to continue. That is what drives us. In addition, we seek to improve and accelerate our customers’ existing distribution process. We handle distribution for several leading parties in the Benelux. We keep the goods in storage and distributed to your customers at the time you set. That means being on track for us.

Storage and distribution

Willems Logistics handles distribution in the Benelux for major players in the food and non-food industries. Organizations that expect their products to be delivered exactly on time and under the agreed conditions. For example, we supply many supermarkets and bakeries, where timing is essential. Stores should always be stocked in a timely manner. Thanks to our people, our various branches and our advanced software, we can keep our promise. If necessary, we can keep the goods in storage.  

Distribution of daily fresh produce

In Rijkevoort, we manage and control the distribution of daily fresh produce. Our customers can always count on us. Our committed employees ensure that your customers are supplied on time every day, so that the supermarket or bakery is never out of fresh products. They know your specific situation and speak the same language. We know better than anyone that our employees are the extension of your service. Your valuable products remain in good hands with us.

Improving the distribution process

Our common goal is to make the distribution process run as smoothly as possible so that you, as a logistics manager, no longer have to worry about this. That things just run as they should. To achieve this, we are working together to optimize operations with respect to distribution and other logistics. This can only be done on the basis of mutual trust, where we share the (previously) acquired knowledge and data. Following our distinctive approach, we map the process and see where there is room for improvement. This is how we get your logistics process on the right track.

Flexible distribution partner

We have an advanced fleet of vehicles, state-of-the-art logistics software and several modern logistics hubs. This makes us fast, flexible and agile. For each job, we determine which vehicle or location is best suited for your distribution issue. If unexpected situations arise, as they always do in practice, we are there to adjust the process in a timely manner. This logistical flexibility makes us an attractive partner for all your distribution, transportation and logistics challenges.

Our approach


Your business on track

Willems Logistics is the logistics partner you can confidently entrust your logistics process to and even completely outsource it to. Your specific wishes and process always come first with us. Willems Logistics ensures that its customers always have insight into their valuable products in the logistics process, on their way to the end customer. If you are curious about our unique story and working method, please contact us.

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