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Every client is unique,
That requires its own approach

Willems Logistics is a reliable partner in logistics. No nonsense, just doing what you promise. Willems Logistics manages and controls customers’ complex logistics processes. We take over processes and associated concerns. Based on mutual agreements, responsibilities and performance with a fair price. And in doing so, we add value to your logistics process. 

To achieve this, using our own WMS, we have developed our own unique approach. A clear step-by-step plan where we first think of your data and process and where we look for the most optimal solution. 

Data analytics

Willems Logistics is incredibly committed to data and data collection. Data is the blueprint of our logistics process. Central to this is our own developed software system. A proprietary WMS that allows us to have the latest data available anytime, anywhere.

The first step towards improvement is to look closely to the available data and analyze it carefully. There is always room for improvement in our opinion. 

Principles and frameworks

Based on all available data, requirements and wishes, the starting point will be determined. Because every situation is different, it always requires human customization. Using our own Warehouse Management System, we are often able to think in more and better possibilities. 

When the frameworks are in place we link this to the right data and insights. We always do this in mutual consultation with our clients. Willems Logistics believes in intensive and lasting collaborations. 

Improve processes

Thanks to our unique approach and technology, we are able to gain more and better insights into logistics processes. This knowledge creates more opportunities for improvement. Knowledge is power. Together with our clients, we identify these opportunities, with associated investments.

We believe in control and oversight. Willems Logistics ensures that our partners have insight into the logistics process of their valuable products on their way to the end customer at any time.

Checking and testing

Processes can always be improved, which is why we at Willems Logistics never sit still. That is inherent in our business. We therefore continue to continuously seek improvements in the process and strive for error-free logistics services. We want to be in control always and everywhere.

Willems Logistics is your logistics partner that ensures that your business can always continue. How do we make that happen? Inquire to our performance, or check out one of our case studies(link).

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FrieslandCampina Professional is part of the Food & Beverage business group. In addition to special whipping cream for the bakery industry, the facility in Nuenen produces cream and cream-based products that are incorporated into fillings for tompouces, rice pies and soups and sauces, among others.

Rafti Sugar Solutions is part of the Tien Sugar Refinery. Rafti is a manufacturing company in liquid sugar and sugar specialties (semi-finished products). Rafti Sugar Solutions is a b2b supplier, supplying various food manufacturers, such as soft drink and candy manufacturers.

FrieslandCampina Ingredients produces the right ingredients for essential foods. These semi-finished products are later processed into various types of foods, especially foods for young children. From the factory in Veghel, products are stored with care in the nearby warehouse. From here, products find their way around the world.