Sustainability and
safety first

Sustainable customer relationships

Willems Logistics is committed to sustainability. Not only do we think about better, more sustainable logistics processes, but we also strive to minimize waste or other errors. Our customer’s product and process are the focus, and we help streamline that logistical process as best we can. And we do so in the fairest and most sustainable way possible. In doing so, we look at the entire process. Our equipment, our storage, but most importantly, our people. Together with our experienced professionals, we build lasting relationships with our clients.

By making hardly any mistakes, we not only avoid waste during transport and storage, but also ensure that the process at our clients’ premises won’t be disrupted. So that our customers’ production operations can always continue. In this way, we work day and night to build lasting relationships with our customers.

Willems Logistics excels in the Food sector, where being in control is essential. Timing and process play an even bigger role here than otherwise. Supermarkets must be stocked in a timely manner. Not for nothing do leading players in the market choose our logistics services, because they know they can rely on us. If you want to learn more about our clients and their processes, click to go to the cases page.

A safe environment

Willems Logistics is a sustainable partner that gives its customers insight, space and peace of mind. We use state-of-the-art software to have and maintain control anytime, anywhere. In this regard, quality and safety play a vital role. Your products are in good hands with us. Our experienced staff always works in a clean and safe environment. We can guarantee this thanks to our daily quality checks. Again, we rely on hard data and our knowledgeable people. This way we ensure that your logistics process is never unnecessarily disrupted.

Our approach


Experienced and knowledgeable staff

At Willems Logistics, more than 250 employees work every day to take your logistics challenges off your hands. Our people do this with great passion and pleasure. People work remains incredibly important in the logistics industry. We understand how important it is for your customers to be able to receive their products on time and in the right way. We realize better than anyone else that every day those important products pass through our hands. Our customers can trust us to do so with the utmost care time and time again. We help and guide our people in this every day and strive for the highest possible quality.

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