FrieslandCampina Professional

FrieslandCampina Professional

FrieslandCampina Professional is part of the Food & Beverage business group. In addition to special whipping cream for the bakery industry, the facility in Nuenen produces cream and cream-based products that are incorporated into fillings for tompouces, rice pies and soups and sauces, among others.

Reinout Storm (Customer Logistics Specialist) about the Nuenen location

“At this production site, mostly short shelf-life products are produced for (industrial) bakeries and producers of ready-made meals, among others, which are delivered on to retail, or sold in their own stores. These fresh products naturally have a limited shelf life, which is why the lines to our customers are short and fast. Ordered today, produced tomorrow and delivered the day after tomorrow. This not only requires an optimally designed production process, but the distribution to the customer must also be well and flexibly aligned with this. In addition, we have limited storage facilities here in Nuenen. Our ready-made product is filled in special, mobile tanks and transported to the customer. This is where another logistics bottleneck comes into play: the return flow of these precious little tanks. We were therefore looking for a logistics partner who was willing to take on this logistics challenge with us and who wanted to be an extension of us. We therefore chose Willems Logistics. With their unique story and demonstrable performance, they managed to convince us. And we don’t regret that for a moment.”

What do you expect from a logistics partner?

“Service and cooperation, in the broadest sense of the word. Of course it has to click well with each other and in terms of vision you want to be on the same page. Those are two important principles. We also find it important that we have very short lines of communication with our logistics partner, that we can and may correct each other. A logistics service provider has to be able to do al lot. Is that always realistic? I think clarity in this is very important. Indicate that something cannot be done, or can be done differently, or can be done better. The people at Willems Logistics do this and it gives us a lot of peace of mind and confidence. In addition, your data simply has to be in order. Automation is leading for us. We want to be in control. Willems Logistics gives us clear insights into the course of events and performance. That way we can continuously look for improvements together. For us, that means real cooperation.”



What is your collaboration with Willems Logistics like?

“We are in the lead, of course, but we do it together with Willems Logistics. They know the market and know what is expected of them. Quite simply, if a supermarket or bakery receives its fresh products too late, it cannot produce or sell enough, and we have to deal with complaints or even penalty claims. At Willems Logistics they know this like no other and they do everything they can to achieve excellent performance. The success of our cooperation with Willems Logistics lies in the combination of automation and flexibility. On the one hand, hard data (customer data, order data, logistics requirements per customer) are leading in the logistics process. This data must be in order at all times and everywhere, otherwise we simply cannot work. Willems Logistics is driven by our data and thus organizes the warehouse and distribution process to and from the end customer. In addition, you have to deal with the vagaries of the market. A baker doesn’t have room for a large inventory. So when the Bossche buns are in short supply, you have to be able to react quickly as a supplier and logistics partner. Willems Logistics has proven it can and does do this. The employees of Willems Logistics think along; this applies to the people in the planning department, but certainly also to the drivers on the road. They are our ears and eyes at the customer, the extension of our product. Our customers are proud of their craft and value quality. They expect the same from Willems Logistics’ service and service.”

"The drivers of Willems Logistics are our ears and eyes with the customer."

Reinout Storm

FrieslandCampina Professional Nuenen

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