FrieslandCampina Ingredients

FrieslandCampina Ingredients

FrieslandCampina Ingredients produces the right ingredients for essential foods. These semi-finished products are later processed into various types of foods, especially foods for young children. From the factory in Veghel, products are stored with care in the nearby warehouse. From here, products find their way around the world.

Jeroen Thijssen (Warehousing & Transportation Specialist) about the Veghel location

“Various ingredients are made at this production site, including for the very first and therefore essential baby food for newborns. These are very valuable products, in every way, of course. From the factory, products go to the nearby warehouse as quickly as possible. We have deliberately chosen a number of central hubs in the country, Veghel being our southern distribution location. From here, the final hurdle in the logistics process is taken. Our products are produced with the greatest care, which is why we also place the highest demands on the logistics process. For this, we looked for a partner who wanted to make this a reality with us. In this regard, we want to work with logistics partners at the Champions League level. Willems Logistics has now proven its ability to get involved at this level. Things are already going well and they can get even better. That is also the beauty of our collaboration. It is a good interaction where we also dare to hold a mirror up to each other. That way, you can also really grow together.”

What do you expect from a logistics partner?

“The high quality standards we maintain ourselves, we also demand of our partners. That’s where quality assurance and flexibility play a very big role. First, we must always be able to rely on our logistics partner. Our products are too valuable to make logistical mistakes. Performance is key. For that to happen, it has to be operational like a house. We are working hard on that with Willems Logistics. Our contact is good. The delivery goes exactly the way we want and what our customers require of us. That simply means delivering to the right specifications at the right time. Together with Willems Logistics we are in control, which is the basis of our cooperation. Automation, of course, plays a big role in this. Willems’ vision in this really appealed to us. What you can automate, you should automate. Doing things smarter or making things smarter. Without losing sight of the human aspect. That was the deciding factor for us to choose Willems.”


How is your cooperation with Willems logistics ?

“The performance is very good, which is of course the most important thing for us. It is delivered, in the right place, at the right time. In addition, the contact is very pleasant. The people at Willems Logistics give us the right insights and advice. You could still describe our cooperation as learning or growing. That process never stops. We are growing on the basis of hard data towards a common quality standard. We now know what we can and should expect from each other. Moreover, we experience Willems Logistics as a flexible partner. Productions may change and customer requests may differ. Willems always thinks along and acts proactively. In this way, you create more and more support as a logistics partner. I see a very positive outlook for the future. Together we are getting smarter and better.”

"The high standards of quality that we maintain ourselves, we also demand of our partners."

Jeroen Thijssen

FrieslandCampina Ingredients

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